“There is much here for fans of "Harry Potter" to enjoy…(an) imaginative, action-packed series opener.” –School Library Journal

“A strong debut…The authors conjure a world teeming with intriguing characters and unusual powers…the book never loses its sense of wonder and excitement. Worthy of the comics it takes inspiration from.” —Publishers Weekly

"A lively action story…packs in surprises, romance, and a creative array of “misshapen” powers. Great for readers who enjoy plenty of bam! and pow! in their adventures." —Booklist

“Awesome... we can never get enough strong characters like the Katniss Everdeens or Tris Priors. Perhaps the next to follow is Sarah Robertson." —Hello Giggles

"A fun book with a lot of heart and some truly interesting characters...perfect for fans of The Tick and other humorous superhero stories. Some of the powers, such as one boy's ability to conjure back-up singers, kept me chuckling and turning pages to the end. I had a good time making my way through this book and you will too." —Middle Grade Ninja