Where is Doolittle Falls?

Located in Central Massachusetts along the scenic Miskatonic River. Founded by refugees Heroes looking for a home away from discrimination and witch hunts, the town is one of the oldest in the country. And it’s only a half hour away from Vermont and New Hampshire.

What is a Hero?

A Hero is a person with powers. Flying, laser-vision, telepathy, and many, many others. They have been around for millennium, sometimes persecuted and sometimes praised. Amongst the Hero community, people without powers are called Normals.

What is a Misshape?

For as long as there have been Heroes there have been Misshapes. Misshape is a derogatory term for people who have powers which are seen by society as having no practical value. It is very impolite to call someone a Misshape. For every Hero that gets lauded in the news, there are many Misshapes that got mocked and ostracized in private. While Heroes and Misshapes have some of the same restrictions imposed on them (can’t run for public office, can’t be on a sports team with Normals) Misshapes have none of the accompanying perks or acclaim.

What is the Hero Academy?

The Hero Academy, located in Doolittle Falls, is the premier Hero training school for teenage Heroes. While there are several others in the country and around the world, it is the oldest and most well regarded. Admission to the Academy is highly sought after, and for good reasons. Nine out of ten presidents of the U.S Superhero League were graduates of the Hero Academy. Almost every major Hero fighting team is led by, and comprised of, Hero Academy graduates. Nearly every graduate of the Hero Academy is accepted into a top Hero University, and every Academy graduate sails through the tests for their Hero Cards with ease.

At the Hero Academy students are required to take advanced level classes and hone their powers in the Academy’s many facilities. It sits on a plateau above the town of Doolittle Falls, known as Marston Heights.

Who are the students of the Hero Academy?

The Hero Academy is filled with the most powerful Heroes from around the country and the world. Its recruitment is vigorous and its admissions testing more so.

According to statistics reported to the Bureau of Superhero Affairs, about 80% of students have two Hero parents, and 99% have at least one. While historically the students were drawn from all over, almost 70% of the students had at least one parent attend the Hero Academy, and a full 40% had both parents attend. Numbers from even twenty years earlier show a much more diverse student body.

What is a Hero Card?

A Hero Card is a license to operate as a Hero that is granted by the federal Bureau of Superhero Affairs. The license (which is actually a physical card) grants the holder all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a Hero. Getting a card is an arduous process that can take up to three years of testing, although the average is two.

Most people that get cards are at least twenty-one, but there is no age limit for getting a card. The youngest known cardholder was twelve-year-old Bouncy Boy in 1943, although after his death two years later, there hasn’t been a card granted to anyone under the age of eighteen, until Freedom Boy came on the scene.

The Hero Card program was first established in 1834 through the Paladin Insurrection Act, after the riots following the 1833 passage of the Moral Policing and Oversight Act. It was established to reduce vigilantism and to ensure the authority of federal and local policing authorities.

The passage rate for Hero Card applicants is 20%, although this rate is much higher (99.4%) for graduates of Hero Academies and Hero Universities.